Saturday's from 10am - INST RBAI

Saturday's from 2.15pm Methodist College​. 

Dates on the calendar are subject to change if required but this is a rare event.


Tel: 07843 870637


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Welcome to Keen2swim and thank you for visiting.  Our classes provide an individualised lesson within a small group of 3 or 4 children which allows our swimmers to make great progress whilst also making new friends.

We offer a range of classes which take place at the same time allowing multiple family members to attend during one swim session.  All our classes are organised by ability and also by age where possible.  As we own and run keen2swim you can be assured of the quality of each lesson.  


We are a group of swimming teachers who love our sport.  We have been teaching swimming in Belfast, very successfully for many years and set up keen2swim using our vast experience to ensure our classes provide individualised tuition to all our swimmers.  


At keen2swim we have developed our diverse range of talents and knowledge over many years. Our professional qualifications range from ASA/Swim Ireland level 2 teacher/coach to Swim Ireland Level 3 club coach, Adult and Child, Synchronised Swimming, Diving; Aquatic tutoring; Lifesaving training/assessing; Lifesaving Teacher tutoring and Pool Lifeguarding training/assessing.  We take the safety of our swimmers very seriously and ensure our lessons are run to the highest standards.