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Welcome to Keen2swim and thank you for visiting.  Our lessons are based in and around Belfast in a variety of locations making us an option for many parents.  We are experienced swimming teachers who have run and organised swimming lessons very successfully for many years but now work for ourselves.  We have a passion for swimming and a love of teaching first and foremost.  We pride ourselves on knowing every swimmer as well as parent.  We provide an individualised approach within a small group of 3 or 4 swimmers so classes remain fun as well providing the support and 1 to 1 time to make good progress.  

Classes last approximately half an hour which is the right amount of time to make good progress covering a range of skills without being too exhausted afterwards, especially important for little ones.  Swimming should be fun as its a skill for life.  We offer a range of classes throughout each pool session, allowing a family to attend during one half hour.  All our classes are organised by ability and also by age where possible.  As we own and run keen2swim you can be assured of the quality of each lesson.   We are teaching every week in the pool and ensuring all classes are well organised and swimmers are making progress.  Parents can come and speak directly to us on the poolside.


Our background

We have been teaching swimming in Belfast, very successfully for many years and set up keen2swim to ensure we offer lessons the way we would want our own children taught.  Our teachers are experienced and use their knowledge to ensure lessons are fun and that all swimmers progress at a level which is right for them.  


At keen2swim we have developed our diverse range of talents and knowledge over many years. Our professional qualifications range from ASA/Swim Ireland level 2 teacher/coach to Swim Ireland Level 3 club coach, Adult and Child, Synchronised Swimming, Diving; Aquatic tutoring; Lifesaving training/assessing; Lifesaving Teacher tutoring and Pool Lifeguarding training/assessing.  We take the safety of our swimmers very seriously and ensure our lessons are run to the highest standards.  

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