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Welcome to Keen2swim and thank you for considering our classes.  Lessons are based in range of locations with parking available on site, this makes us a great option for many parents.


Our quality, small group class range from  1 to 1,  2:1 and  our groups classes with a maximum of 4 swimmers per teacher.   Classes last approximately half an hour and provide lots of individual attention. A range of class levels take place during each half hour allowing a family to attend together.  All our classes are organised by ability and also by age where possible.


We offer great value for money due to our class sizes and experience of our teachers.  This means our swimmers make better progress and have a much more positive experience in the water each week.  


Our teachers are our biggest asset,  they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and love teaching swimming.  Most importantly they have a lot of experience which means they help not just the adventurous swimmers but those who are nervous.


We not only own but also run keen2swim and we are on poolside every week ensuring the classes are well organised and our available for parents to speak to.  We set up keen2swim to ensure we offer classes the way we would want our own children taught and we love the fact our parents can watch on the poolside throughout the lesson. 


At keen2swim we have developed our diverse range of qualifications and knowledge over many years. Our professional qualifications range from ASA/Swim Ireland level 2 teacher/coach to Swim Ireland Level 3 club coach, Adult and Child teacher, Synchronised Swimming teacher, Diving; Aquatic tutoring; Lifesaving training/assessing; Lifesaving Teacher tutor and Pool Lifeguarding training/assessing.  We take the safety of our swimmers very seriously and ensure our lessons are run to the highest standards.  

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