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Quality Term Time Swimming Lessons:

Saturday @ Methodist College, Belfast 2.20-5.20pm

Everlast Gym Bangor Saturday's from 3pm

Sunday @ BRA Belfast 2pm-6.30pm

All lessons take place in small groups allowing the teacher to provide individualised instruction and activities.  Most classes have a ratio of 3-4 swimmers per teacher.  We also offer an hour long advanced class at BRA on Sunday evenings for those who can swim 200m+. 


All children's learn to swim classes last approximately 30 minutes.  During each half hour session we offer different ability levels so a family can attend one half hour session.  Our very experienced teachers help each swimmer to feel more confident and progress faster.  

During the year we assess our swimmers using the STA and keen2swim awards during the winter and summer terms. This encourages our swimmers to celebrate their achievements.  Classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays.

We offer 2:1 as well as 1:1 classes at BRA  and Methodist College Belfast and Bangor Everlast Gym if requested.

For more information on our classes please contact us or use our Facebook page.

Pre-School Swimmers from age 3+

Our pre school classes develop water confidence as well as helping little ones learn how to swim.  Our pre school classes are very popular as each swimmer get lots of individual attention while having fun.

Beginner Age 5+ (at school)

This class is aimed at swimmers who cannot swim unaided and require floats to swim.  Swimmers will develop skills  to improve their strength and stamina while learning to swim.  The small class sizes ensure that even the most nervous swimmers gain confidence and have one to one time with the teacher throughout the lesson.  


This class is aimed at swimmers with a little more confidence who can submerge their face in the water but can swim less than a width (10m) without aids.  We will introduce them to the correct body position, leg kick and breathing at this stage. 

Intermediate 1 (10m +)

In this class swimmers will develop further develop their Frontcrawl and breathing techniques as well as developing the full Backcrawl stroke. Breaststroke and Butterfly are introduced.  Swimmers should be able to swim at least 10 meters.   At this stage swimmers are water confident and have the correct body position.  

Intermediate 2 (25m+)

Swimmers in the intermediate 2 class should be able to swim at least 25 meters.   They will now be able to swim Frontcrawl and Backstroke well with the correct breathing technique. Breaststroke and Butterfly are developing along with their strength and stamina.    In our deeper pools swimmers will learn how to dive in as well.

Improvers (100m+)

At this stage swimmers should be able to swim at least 100 meters distance and will develop all four swimming strokes improving their technique while learning competitive dives and tumble turns.  Swimmers at this stage are also develop their water safety knowledge as they may be attending swimming at school or are old enough to attend public swim sessions without parents. 

Advanced Improvers (200m+)

At this stage swimmers should be able to swim at least 200 meters.  The class will take place in a pool with a deep end.  The class aims to develop all four swimming strokes to a proficient standard along with dives and competitive turns and starts.  Swimming for fitness is encouraged as well as continuing to learn about water safety.  This class takes place at BRA on a Sunday from 5.30-6.30pm on a Sunday.

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